While we're focused on ObamaCare, Secretary Kerry is planning to sign the UN Arms Treaty TOMORROW

Is it just me? Or does it seem as though you can't step away from the news for one moment without another major issue emerging out of left field? While we're all focused on ObamaCare, the Associated Press is reporting that Secretary of State John Kerry will sign the United Nations Arms Treaty on Wednesday this week.

Even though Kerry may very well sign the treaty, don't stress out just yet. In order for it to be ratified, the Senate must vote. (They are busy this week!) It is HIGHLY unlikely that they will vote in favor of the treaty given the fact that just last March, the Senate voted to keep us out of the UN Arms Treaty by a pretty decent margin of 53-46. 

So while this doesn't pose an immediate threat to us at this time, I wanted to at least keep it on the radar as another example of how much is going on in Washington DC that could potentially affect our lives.