Spineless Republicans should find a new base

It's not just the Left that is in full Alinsky mode. It's clear that there is a cadre of Republicans who are hell bent on destroying people like Ted Cruz. They can't stand him because unlike their spineless selves, Cruz and his fellow Tea Party Republicans actually listen to the people and take a stand when it comes time to fight.

A charge I've heard for some time -- that the GOP "wants a different base" -- went from "maybe" to "indisputably" in my mind last night while reading their peevish comments about being forced into a defund vote. 

It goes beyond just a disagreement about "tactics." These people have no objection to a large government. This has been obvious with David Brooks and Karl Rove, but now the pressure has brought it out in some of the lower ranks, GOP Congressmen and such. Time to let them find that new base.