My response to Roy Nicholson asking God to "be violent" against the Republican establishment

Tea party leader Roy Nicholson made headlines for asking God to "be violent" against the Republican establishment. His comments were reportedly part of a prayer he spoke aloud and came in response to the situation surrounding the controversial election of Thad Cochran. 

Earlier this afternoon I joined Midpoint Host Ed Berliner and the founder of Tea Party Nation Judson Phillips to discuss Nicholson's comments. My take in a nutshell: saying things like this does nothing to advance a serious agenda to get America back on track and that should be our common goal.  


Does our side REALLY need to give the left any more ammo to use against us? Do we really need to make excuses for people who say things like this? No, and no! We can not lose sight of who our real enemy is (hint: it's NOT the Republican establishment).