What a Speech!

Before Thursday, I had never heard of Dr. Benjamin Carson. He is a renowned doctor from Baltimore that gave an impressive speech at the National Prayer Breakfast which President Obama also attended. It is amazing to consider the contrast between Dr. Carson, a man of character, honor and integrity... and Barack Obama, a man with no character, no honor and no integrity. In a few short minutes, Dr. Carson shed light on his ideas to improve American healthcare (which consequently, sounded nothing like ObamaCare). The speech has received a lot of attention due to his remarks on healthcare but set aside all of the hype around that small aspect of the speech, I found the whole of his speech to be extremely insightful. He touched on many other topics and was humorous, inspirational, and pragmatic throughout.

Dr. Carson is obviously a problem-solver, not a smoke blower, and we need more like him in positions of authority. Obama was clearly annoyed or disinterested through most of the speech as Dr. Carson used sound logic and reasoning to make point after point, essentially picking apart everything Obama advocates.

The speech was 28 minutes but well worth the time, irregardless of your political or religious background.