40th Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade

For the sake of clarity, before I begin I want to provide you with the definition of 'murder' as defined in the Merriam Webster Dictionary:

Murder (verb)

1 : to kill (a human being) unlawfully and with premeditated malice
2 : to slaughter wantonly : slay
3 a : to put an end to
   b : tease, torment
   c : mutilate, mangle
   d : to defeat badly

Abortion supporters define murder differently. They undoubtedly agree that a person should be pronounced dead when their heart stops beating, but the same standard is not applied to a baby growing in a mothers womb. A baby's heartbeat can be stopped by an abortion but that is not considered murder, even though when the heart stops beating, the life dies. This all makes sense to a selfish or misinformed individual. Abortion for any reason does not qualify as murder however, someone who kills a pregnant woman can be charged for a double homicide.

I wanted to point this out today because today is the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade.  It saddens me to think that people have become so far distant from morality and basic appreciation for life that people are actually celebrating today as some type of advancement in society. The truth is, millions of lives have been lost and millions more will be lost so long as people are deceived into thinking it is acceptable to arbitrarily end an unborn child's life.

I've heard all kinds of stories on the radio and news today praising the legislation that legalized abortion but what I haven't heard is the real story of abortion in America. No one wants to report on the founding of Planned Parenthood or the racism and hatred of certain minorities which was the foundation for the abortion movement. No one is reporting on the fact that Norma McCorvey  (aka Jane Doe) became a member of the pro-life movement in 1995 and now supports making abortion illegal.  Her testimony before Congress in 1998 was profound and she describes the deception that was used to advance this cause:

"It was my pseudonym, Jane Roe, which had been used to create the "right" to abortion out of legal thin air. But Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee never told me that what I was signing would allow women to come up to me 15, 20 years later and say, "Thank you for allowing me to have my five or six abortions. Without you, it wouldn't have been possible." Sarah never mentioned women using abortions as a form of birth control. We talked about truly desperate and needy women, not women already wearing maternity clothes." (Read more of her testimony here)

While many people are happy to celebrate this day, I can't help but think about all of the precious lives that have been lost. I pray that society will see the error of this legislation and their dis-appreciation for life.