Remembering the Victims of Sandy Hook

With the recent tragedy that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, the national conversation has been inundated with talks of gun control. The national media and the Democrats are so determined to use this tragedy to their political advantage that they don't even seem to realize that the families of those little angels and brave adults who lost their haven't even had a full week to mourn their deaths. I have a lot to say on the subject of gun control and I will address it in a different post. But right now I just want to express my sadness for this situation.

My heart breaks for the families of those children who were lost last week. The mothers and fathers, grandparents, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles that will all be missing someone at the dinner table this Christmas.

My heart breaks for each and every person who lost their life in Sandy Hook Elementary. I can not imagine the sheer terror that must have been felt.

My heart breaks for those students who survived. How awful it is that their young, innocent eyes and minds have now been exposed to the pure evil that exists on this earth. As fortunate as the survivors are, it is enormously tragic that these children bore witness to such vile acts.

My heart breaks for those parents whose child emerged from the scene physically unharmed. The relief they felt at that moment was likely short-lived as they now face the challenge of caring for a child whose heart and mind will forever bear the graphic images of their classmates and teachers being brutally murdered.

My heart breaks for every parent all over the country who had to send their child to school on Monday, even though their mind was likely racing with fearful recollection of what happened on Friday. And for every child who was scared, worried or even just a little uneasy going to school after what had happened.

My heart breaks for the members of the Danbury community who will forever be changed by this tragedy. No one was emotionally untouched by this tragedy because all people know what it means to lose someone that they love.

My heart breaks for the family of the shooter because as they mourn, they are likely riddled with mixed emotions including guilt and shame. Whether their feelings are justified or not, the truth is sick people who intend to do bad things can not always be stopped nor can their actions always be prevented.

We, the American people, should never allow ourselves to lose hope in people. The overwhelming majority of Americans are good, law abiding citizens who would never in a million years do something like this. The moment we convince ourselves otherwise is the moment we surrender to evil.

It is my hope that those who are suffering will emerge from their mourning with strength, courage and hope for the future. Large scale acts of violence and terror are rare but when they occur, we as Americans must not only mourn with the families and loved ones of the victims; We need to focus on remaining faithful and diligent in doing and being good human beings.

As individuals we can only control how we live and treat others. Unfortunately we are not immune to evil nor can we permanently defeat it in all its forms, which is why those seeking to lump the population at large into the same category as this severely sick individual for the sake of preventing evil are so wrong in their approach.

The one category we all fit into perfectly is that of the individual. Individually, we can make a difference. For the good of everyone and in honor of the victims, we should all commit ourselves to continue to be hopeful, good people that live our own lives as an example to those who we come in contact with.

If you would like to do something to help the families of the Sandy Hook shooting, here are some options.