Maxine Waters? Really?

How in the world does someone like Maxine Waters get elected to public office at all? Let alone, get elected to serve as ranking member of the House Financial Service Committee?? (Reuters: Maxine Waters Elected ranking member of House Financial panel)   I didn't think it could get any worse than Barney Frank but this takes the cake. Not only is Waters a complete LOON, she is from California (Which answers my first question). No offense to the good people of California, but last time I checked, your state hates businesses, and is bankrupting itself every chance it gets, all at the direction of liberals like Maxine Waters!

Lets look at California for a moment. The state's liberal re-distributive tax policy is so steeply progressive that it actually drives people to leave the state. According to William Voegeli, between 1990 and 2007 alone, "some 3.4 million more Americans moved from California to one of the other 49 states than moved to California from another state." The businesses in California have to deal with the state micromanaging every aspect of their operation with entangling regulations. Also according to Voegeli, during the same time the state lost 26% of its factory jobs and 35% of its high-tech manufacturing jobs.

And while the private companies and their employees suffer, public unionized employees can retire at the age of 50 and receive 90% of their final year's pay FOR LIFE.  Voegeli also reported that the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees grew 24 percent between 1997 and 2007 and are the nation's most highly compensated. It's no wonder that California is commonly called a "unionocracy" because it is run by and for unionized public employees.

Obviously all of these problems are not singularly  attributed to Maxine Waters but she certainly advocates for this type of governance. Don't agree? Well we know she hates the Tea Party when she said to a group of her supporters, "As far as I'm concerned the tea party can go straight to hell. And, I intend to help them get there." How do you help people get to hell? Kill them? Ehh.. anyway. She also has a deep seeded hatred for free markets. She made that pretty obvious with her statements about the oil industry a few years ago. (Watch the video).


It's going to take a miracle for this to turn into something good. Sigh...