Obama: A Different Type of Failure

At the conclusion of the first presidential debate, the only person in America who thought that Barack Obama won, was Barack Obama. Even the lapdog media couldn't spin his failure.  Make no mistake, last nights debate was not a win for Obama. It was another strong win for Romney but a different type of failure for Obama. See, I think that last nights format really revealed something that may have been missed by the general commenting talking heads which is, the 'undecided voters' asking questions didn't really seem as much undecided as they did disappointed with the president. Most of them seemed like they wanted to like Obama, and at one point they did, but his style and personality over the last 4 years just couldn't make up for the substantial failures that  define his presidency. From immigration reform, to taxes, to international security and everything in between, the questions shed light on how this president has failed those who supported him in 2008.

During the first debate, President Obama lost on style AND substance. No question about it. After last night, his drone supporters can argue that he gained points on style, but as for substance, it was just not there.

But who was expecting a debate of substance when the president's record is what it is? A failed presidency can hardly bear fruits of substantive plans for the future.

As was to be expected, Romney handed Obama his record on taxes, his broken promises and failed policies.  Romney yet again made a solid case to the American people for turning the economy around, which unfortunately for the president, is still the number one issue. {I know, libs want to make this election about freebies like birth control and the evil 1% who don't pay 'their fair share.' But the American people generally live in reality and those are realistically NON issues.}

The president doesn't seem to understand that the majority of people are not going to vote for "hope and change" this time around. They aren't going to vote for "forward," "yes we can" or any other stupid meaningless slogan either. At least not the thinking, half-awake Americans. Those days are over.

The American people want substance. Hope and change was anything but substance. People thought of hope and change as whatever they wanted it to be. It was like a fill in the blank question where the answer couldn't be wrong because it was whatever you wanted it to be.

Although many Americans wrongly believed those two words could be personally defined, we now know the true definition as history provides records it: Record high deficit spending, two credit rating downgrades to the US, no budgets, jamming legislation and executive orders down the throats of the American people, waging war against industries that the president doesn't like (aka chrony capitalism/picking winners and losers), less secure boarders, a smaller military defense at home, higher taxes to pay for things we don't want or need,  etc. etc. etc.

You see, the truth is, Obama's 'performance' in the debate could only be as good as the substance he brought to the debate and he had none to offer.

Obama had 4 years to make things right. But anyone who knows this man's history and beliefs - - or for that matter, has actually paid attention to his words and actions at any point during his adult life  - -  should know that he was never going to put us on the right path. His ideology does not equal a stronger, more successful America. History will continue to validate that but for now, we will watch as it all unfolds.

In his own words, "If I don't have this done in 3 years, then it's going to be a one term proposition." I say come November, we take history into our own hands and hold him to at least that one promise.