Rare Find: A Talented Musician With A Positive Message

There are a lot of artists today that choose to channel their musical talent in a way that would make them culturally acceptable, mainstream or otherwise marketable to the masses. When presented with the choice between making music they love or making music that makes money, well, we all know what the common choice ends up being. With an obsession for producing content that can be consumed the masses, the music industry is quick to dismiss artists who refuse to set aside their convictions.It's insanely rare to find an extremely talented musican with awesome music and a genuinely positive, uplifting message. Fortunately there are amazingly talented people who really just don't care about what the cultural or industry pressure means for their career. Some musicians still live to create music that they love and are proud to share their art without compromising their convictions.
Photo courtesy Kalai Music Facebook pageWhile watching GBTV last night I was introduced to an artist who embodies the qualities of a true musician; one who has successfully done his own thing and has reminaed true to himself through his musical journey. That artist is Kalai of Salt Lake City, UT. His music is refreshing and positively addictive! After the show I couldn't stop listening to his music online. I went through a bunch of his tracks, all of which were so powerful and inspirational in their own unique way. You can check out Kalai's music on his Facebook page by going here.
His musical style ranges from soft and soultry ballads to jazzy tunes, edgy blues and something else I just can't put my finger on. His voice has a warm quality that just gives me goose bumps! His musical arragements were unique and accompanied by interesting and catchy lyrics without sounding too mainstream. Some of my favorite songs so far are Freedom Fighter, Fear Not the Wild Things, She, and September. 

His musical message, coupled with his story touched me immensely. Despite being faced with many obsticles in his life, he chooses to put his energy into creating uplifting and inspiring music. Kalai was born with a birth defect (hemangioma on his left hand) and yet he plays the guitar, banjo, mandolin, drums and slide guitar. 

I am so excited that Kalai will be playing live at the Restoring Love event in Dallas, TX this summer! Make sure you check out his music and take in the positive message and undeniable talent that is Kalai.