Holder 1995: We Must 'Brainwash' People Against Guns

US Attorney General Holder is a criminal. Period. In this 1995 video from Breitbart.com, Holder is talking about guns but not only that. He also explains the tactics they will use to "brainwash" people no matter what it is they are trying to brainwash people about. It is so obvious that these tacts have been and will continue to be used by the current administration. Eric Holder repeatedly mentioned television, athletes, movies and even our school system.

So lets get this straight:

1) We will influence the media to brainwash

2) We will use our state owned schools to brainwash

3) We will use our influence with people who have soap boxes with the media to brainwash

First they came for cigarettes, but you didn't care since you didn't smoke.

Next they came for guns, but you didn't care since you didn't hunt.

Then they obliterated your liberty, but by then it was too late.