The Constitution is What Governs Government

Last Friday at a town hall meeting in Lancaster, NY, Representative Kathy Hochul (D-NY) was met with a heated crowd that was very vocal concerning their stance against the Obama administration’s contraceptive mandate. A couple videos from this event have surfaced but I would like to discuss one in particular.
What I gathered from these exchanges was a serious issue with how the current administration and the Democratic Party view the US Constitution. Below is the transcript from exchanges that occurred between Rep. Hochul and the attendees.
MAN: “Under what portion of the constitution is the government allowed to require a private or a religious organization to pay for anything for free?”
HOCHUL: “Well, basically, we’re not looking to the Constitution on that aspect.”
-Crowd noise interrupts-
“What I’m trying to say is basically, the decision has been made by this congress, that American citizens are entitled to healthcare, because the teachings that I was raised under, we take care of the…poor, we take care of the sick –”
-Before she could finish her statement, her questioner interrupted-
MAN: “We are also entitled to the freedoms under the First Amendment of the Constitution. That comes before any other freedoms.”
HOCHUL: “And I agree with you sir.. Yea we have religious freedom.”
MAN: “So, then we have to look at the Constitution.”
HOCHUL: “I will stand and protect religious freedoms.. You are absolutely correct, but I don’t see a conflict here when Catholic Churches are exempted from this. In my mind, there is not a conflict because Catholic churches are exempt from this requirement. I treasure religious freedom in this country.. We all do.”
MAN: “Catholic hospitals are religious organizations ma’am. And Catholic colleges are religious institutions.
HOCHUL: Catholic institutions are being told that if they have a problem with this they certainly have the availability to have their insurance provider provide it for free without it having to come from the institution. So the access is still there. Without trampling on the religious freedoms which we all treasure.
MAN: “We’re still paying for it. We’re still paying for it.”
MAN: “So why don’t we provide free access to Band-Aids or cancer screenings? Why is it contraception? Aren’t those more important to health care than contraception?”
HOCHUL: “Well, clearly more work needs to be done. You’re raising excellent points.”
This man brings up excellent points that truly represent the concerns that many Americans are bringing to their elected officials. Unfortunately is seems as though their concerns are falling on deaf ears. First, this again is NOT about contraception. The root issue here is about religious freedom and the First Amendment. Second, Rep. Hochul stated quite clearly that congress is not looking at the Constitution in this matter. Have they forgotten that the Constitution is the blueprint for American governance? THE CONSTITUTION IS WHAT GOVERNS GOVERNMENT! What I’ve heard loud and clear here is that Democrats weren’t even thinking about the restrictions that govern THEM.
What she’s describing is a governmental attitude that has devolved into plutocracy and fascism. The fact that she openly admits that restrictions don’t apply to her or congress further highlights how little accountability there is in Washington. Unfortunately because they realize we the people have no immediate recourse, Congress can trample the Constitution during their entire tenure and the best we can do in response is “hope” that he or she gets voted out.
I’ve said it before and I will say it again until I am blue in the face. This isn’t a religious question: Where is the President, or anybody in Congress, empowered constitutionally to force ANYBODY to provide free goods and/or services to the public?
The religious angle is the one they want you to focus on. What they don’t want you to notice is the government now dictating exactly what business will sell, not sell, or provide for free, just like in all command and control economies.