Fight against Sharia Law in America


In many parts of the United States, judges are making rulings based on foreign laws. This can and does include Islamic sharia law. ACT! for America, a group founded by Lebanese immigrant Brigitte Gabriel, was started in order to protect American citizens’ constitutional rights against the infiltration and incursion of foreign laws and foreign legal doctrines, especially Islamic Shariah Law. The group has played a key role in getting ALAC (American Laws for American Courts) passed in many states. This piece of legislation is so important because it prohibits state judges from applying foreign law when doing so infringes on constitutional rights. American Public Policy Alliance makes the case:

"Granting comity to a foreign judgment is a matter of state law, and most state and federal courts will grant comity unless the recognition of the foreign judgment would violate some important public policy of the state. This doctrine, the “Void as against Public Policy Rule,” has a long and pedigreed history.

Unfortunately, because state legislatures have generally not been explicit about what their public policy is relative to foreign laws, including as an example, Shariah, the courts and the parties litigating in those courts are left to their own devices – first to know what Shariah is, and second, to understand that granting comity to a Shariah judgment may be at odds with  our state and federal constitutional principles in the specific matters at issue.

The goal of the American Laws for American Courts Act is a clear and unequivocal application of what should be the goal of all state courts: No U.S. citizen or resident should be denied the liberties, rights, and privileges guaranteed in our constitutional republic. American Laws for American Courts is needed especially to protect women and children, identified by international human rights organizations as the primary victims of discriminatory foreign laws.

By promoting American Laws for American Courts, we are preserving individual liberties and freedoms which become eroded by the encroachment of foreign laws and foreign legal doctrines, such as Shariah."

Some people don't think this is really happening. Well, let me assure you that it is happening and if it hasn't come up in your state, it will if we don't act now. Click here to read about ten cases of American Muslim Families who have encountered conflicts between the equal protection under the Constitution and legal discrimination imposed on them by Shariah law in American Courts.

Several states are close to passing ALAC in their state legislatures including the following:

AR    CO    FL    GA    ID    IN    IA    KY    ME    MI    MS    MO    MT    NE    NH    NM    OH    PA    SC    TX    UT    WA    WI    WY 

If your state is listed, click on it and please sign the petition to show your support for the ALAC. Please forward this information to people you know that live in any of these states as well. It is vitally important that we remain a nation of laws. 

Want to see an example of the ALAC? Click here.