Holding Congress Accountable

It seems like every week there is another controversial piece of legislation up for vote in Washington and rarely do We the People ever get a chance to truly understand what the bills say or what they mean for us. Prime example, just last week the trillion dollar Farm Bill passed the U.S. House of Representatives by a vote of 251-166. This bill is a pork-filled buyoff for big corporate interests and contrary to it's name, 75% of the bill is comprised of additional funding for food stamps.

63 House Republicans stood up to John Boehner and voted against the crony bill and that is a very good thing. But as for the 251 members of Congress who voted for the bill, they need to be identified and called out. That is where this awesome tool called the FreedomWorks Scorecard comes in quite handy.

You can go to  the FreedomWorks Scorecard and see exactly how your elected officials voted and hold them accountable. I highly suggest you bookmark the tool and send this around to friends so that they can keep tabs on what is going on in Washington, DC.