Dana Loesch under attack by... Moms?

After ABC announced that Dana Loesch would be joining The View  as a guest co-host on the February 3 program, a group called Moms Demanding Action (MDA) freaked out and started a campaign to silence Dana and have her pulled from the show. Why? The short reason is that she spoke out truthfully and boldly on the subject of guns in response to ABC's "Young Guns" and her words didn't fit in with their anti-gun narrative. Watch Dana discuss this on her new show on The Blaze:

It's rarely a surprise when the anti-gun left attacks a second amendment supporter. It's to be expected because with ignorance and fear often comes frustration and irrational behavior. Such is the case with the Moms Demand Action (MDA) and their attack on Dana Loesch. Yea, moms attacking another mom. 

MDA is joined in their 'outrage' by other leftists finding a soap box at websites like Media Matters, who described Dana as a "demagogue" in the article headline.

"The decision to give Loesch a national platform on a highly-rated television show is troubling considering Loesch has gained notoriety for her inflammatory rhetoric, expressing extreme views on topics from gun control to reproductive access. " 

So, the lefts general outrage stems from the fact that Dana would be exposed to a national audience where her "extreme views" would be discussed. Oh the HORROR! 

Media Matters criticism went on and included throwing The View under the bus.

"Unfortunately, this will not be the first time that The View has mainstreamed a figure on the fringe of the right."

God forbid someone with a unique view be given a microphone on a popular television program. What are the producers of The View thinking?? How anti-American of them!

Then of course the oh so classy Wonkette chimed in suggesting that "Someone hate-watch and let us know, we’ll be too zonked out on downers busy to waste our time."

Time out. What happened to that whole leftist mantra of 'diversity' and the decrying of the Republicans supposed "war on women"? Hm, I guess diversity of thought doesn't count for anything. And apparently it's cool to pick on a women and belittle her for her beliefs, as long as she is conservative. Glad we got that figured out. 

I'm sick and tired of the double standard the left projects onto conservatives, especially conservative women. That is one of the MANY reasons #IStandwithDana. I hope you will join me and watch her on The View this week and witness what it looks like to be a strong mother, wife and American patriot who is unafraid to stand up for what she believes in.