Buck Sexton: My Saturday Info Session

Photo from the official Buck Sexton Facebook page

Photo from the official Buck Sexton Facebook page

After a long, busy week I usually like to sleep in on Saturdays. But my mind is always going and I have a constant thirst for knowledge. That is usually fulfilled by listening to the Buck Sexton radio program on TheBlaze Radio Network from 12-3PM on Saturday afternoons.

I am a huge fan of the talk radio platform. In fact, with the exception of the occasional BlazeTV show, I rarely watch cable any more. I enjoy listening to the big name radio shows and the occasional local ones that are great. My normal line-up goes kind of like this… Glenn Beck in the morning, Rush or Wilkow in the afternoon and then Mark Levin in the evenings Monday through Friday. 

Buck Sexton's show is unique compared to the nightly shows I listen to. Unlike some of his more seasoned talk radio counterparts, his personal opinion has been shaped by the rare experience of being a former CIA officer. Working for the government as a CIA officer is cool enough but to top it off, Buck is young and extremely articulate. Although he has lots of personal experience to draw from, he doesn't base his commentary solely on his own past. He relies heavily on history in order to convey his message which I think is a fantastic way to tie together his common sense, conservative viewpoint. 

I can't stress enough how much I appreciate that he is a history nerd like myself. It is really rare to find other people my age (and really, of any age) who are well read and can articulate the parallel between historical and current events. Buck does just that and makes it fun and engaging! 

One of his recent shows has become my favorite. It was from last Saturday, November 9th. Buck talks about healthcare and communitarianism in a way that you have likely never heard before from anyone else on radio. He cites some of the strikingly similar tactics of past regimes efforts to remake society and really opens your mind to the harsh truth about what looks to be very similar efforts by some our leaders in America today. You can listen to the podcast below:

Another aspect of the Buck Sexton show experience that I really appreciate is the genuine feeling of involvement and community. Throughout the show #TeamBuck is on Twitter having a conversation and actively engaging in what Buck is saying. I'm still fairly new to Twitter but have established some great connections through the #TeamBuck conversations on Saturday afternoons. A lot of the show is impacted by the conversations happening online and it makes the format that much more fun. 

I first discovered who Buck was while watching RealNews on TheBlazeTV. I was always intrigued by his insight on the show given his CIA background and again, the fact that he is young and articulate made him that much more interesting to me. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Buck last year at Restoring Love in Dallas and later discovered that he had a radio program. Ever since then, I have been a huge fan and supporter of the guy. #TeamBuck

If you haven't had the pleasure of listening to the Buck Sexton radio program, I can not endorse it enough. It is my Saturday info session that I really do look forward to every week. Below you can find Buck's Twitter and Facebook info as well as his SoundCloud pod-casts which you can listen to download and share.