Ignore Fiscal Sanity? (Video)

The partial government shutdown has come to an end following a deal made last night that would restore funding through January 15, 2014 and extend the nation’s borrowing authority through February 7. President Obama took didn't waste any time getting in front of the camera to scorn those of us who oppose the staggering debt that continues to hold the country back. He specifically points to talk radio, bloggers and activists as people who don't deserve the focus of your attention. 

He makes the following comments at 5 minutes, 40 seconds into the video:

“All of us need to stop focusing on the lobbyists, and the bloggers, and the talking heads on radio, and the professional activists who profit from conflict and focus on what the majority of Americans sent us here to do,” 

I'm waiting for the day that he suggests that the American people tune in only to NPR and MSNBC for their news.